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Everest was inspired by the all mighty Mt Everest – highest peak in the world thrive to be leading IT services provider in the Middle East region and globally.

Everest is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, marketing strategies and industrial automation services.


Developing custom services to implement best for you.


We cover the major industrial sectors providing high-end solutions for Agriculture, Energy, Manufacturing, Transport and Aero-Space. Remodelling in wide-ranging enterprise mobility solutions to provide progressive demand of modern business.

Mobile App

We offer a wide range of customised services in mobile apps, Android development, IoS development, AR-VR Development, Game Development, Blockchain Development and much more.

AI based Digital Marketing

Reimagine business with the digital impact. If you’re looking to build your brand and increase your revenue in the long run, we offer our data-centric and growth driven strategic approach for your audience. Employing our multi-channel digital strategies which maximises your efforts and budget.


We make custom ERP|CRM development, which we develop and deliver for your business as per requirements and to help you grow your business exponentially by automating all your recurring tasks.

Cyber Security

Providing an extra level of defence against cyber threats. Managing Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, Network Security, Cloud Security, Internet of Things Security & Application Security.

Cloud Computing

On-demand availability of computer system resources. We provide services in data storage, servers, database, networking and software.

Metaverse Development

Virtual reality is a technology that allows a user to carry out actions in a digital environment yet feel as if they are immersed in a physical environment. The purpose of VR is to enable a person to experience and manipulate the environment as if it were the real world.

Blockchain Solutions

The worldwide hype of bitcoin has shed light on the blockchain. Nonetheless, blockchain is way beyond bitcoin. It is the simplest and most secure method of tracking any transaction that uses revolutionary technology. It has the ability to make several aspects of our lives easier.

Chat GPT Alternatives

 There are several intelligent chat software options available in the market. Most of us have already heard about ChatGPT which is AI-powered chat software. However, do you know that ChatGPT has some limitations as well? For this reason, we should explore AI chat software alternatives.

SAP Consulting

We are committed to helping every client become the best business. Our primary aim is to transform businesses into agile enterprises, helping them to eliminate costly disruptions, reduce enterprise-wide inefficiencies, and achieve rapid improvements as well as results.

Digital ecosystem simplified for you

Designing comprehensive digital systems and innovating new solutions for market-leading partners.

OUR clients

We’re proud to have worked with respected companies from across the globe.



I am very thankful to Everest DG dedication for helping me grow my business! From the time, I submitted my inquiry to project completion, I was notified of the next steps that kept me informed for this month log project. The results of the project exceeded my expectations and look forward to working on more projects in the future!

- Ammar Saif

Founder / CEO

Everest DG team has been a solid partner for a variety of needs as my business has evolved. From web strategy, to social media management and paid campaigns. We also utilize their marketing automation offering and appreciate the assistance provided with the execution of our campaigns.

- Emma Martin


Everest delivers bespoke software and tailors industrial packages to suit certain automation requirements. They were our vendor of choice because of the professionalism and personalities of their staff.


- Adam Awang



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