Hospitality management software is the most crucial system in the entire hotel, and it is one of the main tools that hoteliers use to make operations seem simple to guests. It is the foundation of your establishment, regardless of whether you work for a local bed & breakfast or a major hotel chain. To complete daily activities, nearly every member of a hotel crew must log onto the system that has centralized access control.

Choosing the best hospitality management software can be challenging because there are so many elements to consider. It can also be challenging to acquire reliable information regarding which features of a management system are most important. In this post, we will talk about the top five must-have features in the best hospitality management software for your hotel business.

Optimized for mobile devices

There should be no need to run back to the office when your manager, housekeeping crew, and other staff members need to quickly check the specifics of a booking. Any solution you employ must not only be usable on mobile devices like phones and tablets but also be optimized for remote use. Even better, while on vacation, your owner ought to be able to check on performance.

Reservation management

Reservations management is arguably the most important feature of any hospitality management software. Hoteliers can do away with a physical reservation book by hosting all of their reservations digitally. You must be able to set prices, manage availability, present specials, and view reservations on a calendar inside reservations management.

Housekeeping management

Your cleaning staff should be able to mark rooms as clean, filthy, or out of order using your management system. The front desk can accommodate early check-ins and room changes without having to call the housekeeping supervisor thanks to have access to this data in one convenient location.


Your management software should be able to quickly export guest folios that include all charges from their stay since the majority of visitors request a copy of their bill when they check out. Similarly, you need reliable, uncomplicated financial reporting that enables you to match up revenue and expenses from your vendors.

Guest profile management

In order to provide a more individualized experience during their subsequent stay, guest profiles record your guests’ contact details, stay history, and even preferences. Returning visitors will find it much simpler if you create a guest profile that stores their credit cards. This will also help you build a personalized customer loyalty program to boost your business.

These are the top five features you must look for when building the best hospitality management software. Contact us at Everest DG to learn more about the hotel management system and discuss your specific requirements.

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