edge Computing IOT & IIOT Solutions

IIOT is growing very fast, generating huge volumes of data, pushing the Cloud to its limits, whether in bandwidth, number of requests, response times or even processing capacity. Edge Computing is the solution when you need to ensure critical actions and processes, bringing intelligence close to where things are and actions take place. Everest DG is an IoT Edge platform that deeply reduces the complexity and cost of using and managing devices in applications, enabling developers to deploy their IoT solutions extremely easy and fast, facilitating IT/OT convergence. Everest DG enables the implementation of highly scalable IoT solutions, especially in the professional and industrial segments, with high flexibility and simplicity, saving time and resources, improving services and increasing productivity.

Agriculture Sector

IoT solutions are focused on helping farmers close the supply demand gap, by ensuring high yields, profitability, and protection of the environment. The approach of using IoT technology to ensure optimum application of resources to achieve high crop yields and reduce operational costs is called precision agriculture.


  • Increased Crop Output
  • Improved Water Saving
  • Real-Time Data and Analytics
  • Lowered Operational Costs
  • Increased Quality of Crop
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Better Data-Driven Decision Making

Energy Sector

Energy supply chain. IoT employs sensors and communication technologies for sensing and transmitting real-time data, which enables fast computations and optimal decision-making . Moreover, IoT can help the energy sector to transform from a centralized to a distributed, smart, and integrated energy system


  • Improved Production Monitoring
  • Better Facility Management
  • Better Plant Safety and Security
  • Improved Quality control
  • Optimum Production
  • Increased Machine and Equipment Safety
  • Remote Access to Data

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing companies are using IoT assets to connect machines and systems together – a paradigm shift that enables real-time asset monitoring. … Asset tracking in manufacturing allows easy status monitoring of key equipment and final products; to augment logistics, sustain inventory and prevent quality issues.

  • Real-Time Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Track your Losses All day- Everyday
  • Improve Machine Efficiency
  • Increase Production Output
  • Reduce Manufacturing Costs
  • Reduce Unscheduled Downtime
  • Boost Profitability

AeroSpace Sector

In the aerospace industry, the adoption of IoT is transforming both ground and air operations. For instance, Aerospace manufacturers are exploiting IoT to develop and deploy robust analytical strategies to improve operational efficiency. Extensive connectivity delivered by IoT allows for the coming together of devices and enables effective human-to-human and human-to-machine coordination, cooperation, communication, and interoperability. Certainly these are the main ingredients of efficient and profitable operations in the aerospace sector.

  • Aircraft Condition Monitoring and Analysis (CBM & HUMS)
  • Connectivity to Airline Management Systems
  • Development of Airline Management Systems
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
  • Cargo Monitoring Systems, Embedded Control Systems
  • Real-Time Displays with Safe States – Avionic Displays
  • Development in Ada / SPARK for Safety-Critical and Security-Critical Software Modules
  • Consultancy and Training for Systems
  • Sub-Systems and Individual Modules

Transportation Sector

IoT solutions promise to make transportation organizations smarter and more successful at what they do. The IoT is at the core of forces reshaping transportation to provide greater safety, more efficient travel, improved vehicle and aircraft maintenance, and more strategic traffic management.


  • Cost-savings
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Improved Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Increased Driver and Vehicle Safety I
  • Increased Cargo Safety
  • Remote Monitoring of Vehicles
  • Cargo and Assets
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